Existing Student/Staff

To fully transition into a cashless campus, consent is needed to share your personal details with Hong Leong Islamic Bank in order to start an account. The consent form is available on the IIS staff portal (click here) or IIS student portal (click here).

Please tick the box to indicate your approval. This pop up will appear before you can enter into the IIS i.e. as shown below:

New Student/Staff

For new students and employees, consent is requested upon job offer or acceptance of programme, respectively.

Once consent is given, the University will forward the data to Hong Leong Islamic Bank to initiate the opening of an account. However, the process can only be finalised when the following steps with Hong Leong Islamic Bank is completed:

  • Performing of biometrics and verification of Identity Card
  • Submission of existing staff or student card and collecting the new card
  • Fill in Hong Leong Islamic Bank's new account application form
  • Register for Hong Leong Connect.
The above 4 steps will be completed at the roadshow conducted by Hong Leong Islamic Bank team made available at the campus. To check status, lodge a report for any problem occured and update mailing address. Please visit

Enquiry on UCSI 1 Card

Enquiry on card collection

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